"Asterism" is a collection of limited edition prints based on imagery sourced from the Hubble telescope. The images were recomposed and reproduced by hand as screen prints by the artists and then rephotographed. These final modern constellation maps have been produced as pigment prints on Japanese Washi paper.
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The heavens have been a natural refuge and safe haven for centuries and civilisations throughout history. We look into the sublime and we see ourselves. But it is all we can do, see ourselves in the promise of infinity.
Early hunter gatherers saw animals and young female forms, and the 17th Century Constellation Mania gave pride of place to geographical features like rivers, crests of wealthy families or even telescopes, as an attempt to banish old pagan myths and beliefs. What present day hopes, fears, myths and aspirations would we project onto the skies if we had to redraw the constellations?
The interplay between the ancient and the modern, the traditional and the contemporary, both in concept and medium mimics the artist’s re-imaginings of contemporary culture’s constellations.
These new constellations reflect our society today in all its brevity, satire, beauty, and collapse.

In collaboration with Kristina Chan www.kristinachan.com
The installation is accompanied by a sound piece by Rahul Nadkarni
Exhibited at :
Serendipity Arts Festival, 2019-2020
Project 88, Mumbai 10.08.2016 - 30. 08. 2016
Thallasanté, Marseilles, 2017