“…. just because we close our eyes to the unceasing variation of every physical state, we are obliged when the change has become so considerable as to force itself on our attention, to speak as if a new state were placed alongside the previous one. Of this new state we assume that it remains unvarying in its turn, and so on endlessly”  - Henri Bergson, Creative Evolution
In April 2015, I decided to move back to India from Paris, by surface, to discover the distance I had put between myself and my home for the previous half decade. My main capture device during my travels was a Beautyflex 66, which had a shutter failure early in the course of my travels. Soon after this, I dropped my phone, which also happened to be my backup point-and- shoot camera. As the screen smashed, I couldn’t quite ‘see’ the photos I was making.
In 2018, I decided to put this screen under the lens and complete the circle. The photograph becomes the broken screen - what my eye perceives is the result and not what the camera perceived. These abstractions are, at the same time, a speculation on oscillating perception & interchangeable realities, a celebration of the inaccuracies presented by digital devices and of the opportunities presented by everyday irregularities.