Mumbai’s landscape is constantly evolving - buildings are being redeveloped and stranded all over the city, bridges are being planned, public transport is evolving, pollution is increasing, and yet they’re all moving at different paces from each other and across social strata.

People from my generation have been stuck on the idea of ‘Bombay’, a nostalgia for a version 1.0 which is often held as the benchmark of an ideal and in opposition to the city in its current state.

I want to to pre-empt this kind of nostalgia in myself and understand what gives the city its persona today, albeit ephemeral.

Almost untranslatable, Sehnsucht is a compound word that comes from German and represents thoughts and feelings about all facets of life that are unfinished or imperfect, paired with a yearning for ideal alternative experiences. It has been referred to as “life’s longings”; or an individual’s search for happiness while coping with the reality of unattainable wishes. 1

The images are made using various mediums – a 6x6 TLR , a Digital SLR and a mobile phone camera - whatever I happened to have with me at the time.

This series for me is an exercise in being aware of my presence here, in my home city, and looking at it from outside-in while attempting to understand it inside-out.

All images are produced as pietzography prints on archival quality matte paper, and either mounted on aluminium or framed under museum glass.

20cm x 20cm , all prints are in a limited edition of 7.

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